Brujos Profiles

These Chicago Brujos have a past you should read into


An Afro-Latino Adonis and Puerto Rican papi chulo, you can’t see the trauma Edwin has been hiding—and not just because he’s hot or can turn invisible. Things start looking up when his estranged father comes back into his life and he finally discloses his feelings for Panfilo. But, when the witch-hunt won’t relent he’ll be forced to accept that maybe life for gay men of color isn’t a Dan Savage campaign and doesn’t always get better—Or will he do like Beyoncé and make lemonade… Brujo lemonade.

Magick Skills


Justin I. Mitchell is a Chicago based DJ and multimedia artist creating under the moniker Hijo Pródigo. The sound Mitchell cultivates through their DJ work spans sub-cultural club music movements found across the world, experimenting with dissonance, disparity and aggression while exploring themes of excess, chaos, destruction, redemption, and rebirth. Mitchell is currently working on music production with Chicago born/New York based, indie record label #FUTUREHOOD, as well as soundtracking various dance, film, and television projects. BRUJOS marks Justin's move from behind to camera to on screen acting.